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Accounting, Tax and Audit jobs in Dallas & Houston Texas

  • SEC Reporting Mgr, 135K
  • Senior Accountant, Garland
  • Accounting Manager, Manufacturing
  • Corporate Accountant, 90K
  • Financial Reporting Senior, 90K
  • Cost Accounting Manager, Richardson
  • Corporate Tax, N. Dallas
  • Staff Tax Accountant, N. Dallas
  • Tax Manager, Downtown
  • Tax Accounting Mgr, Irving
  • Tax Senior, 75-95K
  • International Tax, Downtown 125K
  • Tax Staff/Senior, N. West Houston
  • Tax Senior, Sugar Land
  • Tax Senior (MLP), Downtown Houston
  • Accounting Manager-Research, 125-145K
  • Corporate Controller, 175-200K
  • Financial Reporting Mgr, 135-165K
  • Senior Staff Accountant, 75K

We have several staff and manager positions with great companies in both cities.

If you want a position in public accounting, we are the firm for you. We have clients that offer “no overtime,” some with “Fridays off.” There are firms with different specialties; Let’s find what’s best for you.

Please call or email us for a complete list of positions:

DALLAS:  972.987.9514
HOUSTON:  281.742.3200
TOLL-FREE:  877.987.6514




Your career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We are in business to help you make the right one.

Just as companies screen candidates for their positions; we screen companies for you. We take time to listen to your needs and strive to find a company that best meets your goals.

Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship with you so that we may always assist you with your career advancements.

We will:

  • Prescreen our companies
  • Tell you everything you need to know about the company
  • Discuss the opening in detail
  • Tell you about the people you’ll meet
  • Get immediate feedback for you
  • Help you with salary and benefit negotiations
  • Help you with your resignation
  • Stay in touch with you throughout your career


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